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A practical guide to outsourcing your service desk
Outsourcing the service desk is an accessible first step for businesses considering outsourcing more of their services It’s essential that employees have the support and tools to carry out their work efficiently, and it’s just as important for businesses to have a solution in place that can manage the demands placed on it by providing... Read the full article

How to make your apps in the cloud self-optimising

Organisations are increasingly relying on cloud optimisation to retain application performance and keep cloud costs under control. But despite the abundance of tools on the market, most are unintelligent services that don’t get to the root of the problem, increasing operations risk and driving up costs. Download this exclusive whitepaper from Densify to discover the true… Read the full article

The Definitive Guide to Optimising Reserved Instances

As public clouds are increasingly making up an ever-greater portion of the enterprise computing market, businesses are demanding solutions that help them gain control over spiralling costs. Major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, have all responded by offering customers ways to save costs by committing to a… Read the full article

Step-by-step Guide: How to implement and achieve a secure print infrastructure

Whether you work in healthcare, finance, insurance, government etc. your data, documents and print infrastructure needs to be secure. Think it won’t happen to you? Quocirca Research shows that 70% of organizations have experienced one or more accidental data breach through printing. Most IT departments reluctantly consider printing as part of their responsibility. Printing has… Read the full article

How do organisations plan to assure application delivery in a multi-cloud world?

Multi-cloud is now the standard approach for cloud-adopting organisations as they look to accommodate existing and new applications, gain agility, ensure applications reside in optimised environments and protect against cloud lock-in. In this multi-cloud world, businesses are actively pursuing solutions that address application delivery. In this new digital report, Citrix and IDC survey 900 global organisations… Read the full article

Communicating with Generation Y

Millenials are soon to be the largest force in the labour market, so it is critical that your business reflects the needs and demands of this generation. As Generation Y pushes its way into the workforce it is going to bring huge organisational and technological challenges to small and large employers alike. Business will need… Read the full article