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Whitepaper: Intel Data Center Manager Reduces Consumption, Satisfying Social Demands for Energy Conservation

Intel DCM monitors and controls power and temperature in real time at Kyoto University’s HPC environment, achieving a 5-8% reduction in power consumption through allocation to nodes with high power efficiency.  The Kyoto University Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS) introduced Intel® DCM in its High Performance Computing (HPC) environment to monitor and control power… Read More

Whitepaper: Intel Data Center Manager Reduces Energy Consumption

A multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company recently sought to optimize the data center environment of its development laboratory. The development lab is the innovation engine of the company where they manage servers for various business units. As the R&D and testing workloads of the development lab continues to increase, the number and… Read More

Whitepaper: Key elements of a successful data center cabinet ecosystem

Understanding the cabinet ecosystem is a key part of supporting the availability and efficiency of the IT equipment in your data centre. This whitepaper explores, in detail, everything you need to know about the cabinet ecosystem so that you can make the best decisions for your data centre and in turn, the businesses it supports…. Read More

Cutting carbon emissions in the data centre

Electricity is a data centre’s single biggest operating cost, accounting for anything from 25-60% of its total overheads. With the need to power both its ICT equipment and provide the constant cooling to keep all their servers and support systems running safely, for the mega-sized facilities fairly commonplace these days, that’s a yearly energy bill… Read More

FNT: The truth about connectivity

The colocation market is growing. As more and more businesses move towards the cloud, hyperscale data centre providers are becoming increasingly dominant. As multi-tenant data centre firms now have to compete in an ever-more competitive market, it’s essential that they find a further way of differentiating themselves. In the past, the way that colo providers would… Read More

Riello UPS: Power continuity for Industry 4.0

It’s one of the most exciting challenges – and opportunities – that data centre managers face. The unrelenting rise of Industry 4.0 and the untapped potential of the ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Big Data’, and everything ‘Smart’. In this whitepaper, leading power protection specialist Riello UPS outlines how the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sector is well-prepared… Read More

Data centre design best practices: Efficiencies beyond power and cooling

Efficiency is a key objective when designing a data centre. Yet efficiency gains are typically focused entirely on power and cooling. This latest white paper from Legrand explains how key efficiencies can be realised in many other areas including performance, time, space, experience, and sustainability. Focusing on these elements can not only deliver additional cost savings,… Read More

How to Increase Data Center Density and Capacity Without Increasing Risk

As demands on data center needs grow for increased compute output and storage size, so too does the need to better plan for the unknown. However, adding capacity to meet future compute needs can be expensive, and enterprise workloads are not always predictable. Yet data centers need to ensure there is sufficient capacity for potential… Read More

Optimising data centre cooling

The choice of cooling architecture, including hot and cold air containment, is of paramount importance for minimising the OPEX of a data centre. However, an effective control system is also essential when hoping to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and PUE. The research detailed in Schneider Electric‘s new White Paper Optimize Data Center Cooling with… Read More

Measuring the resilience of IT services

The nature of today’s digital economy and the surge in data from connected devices has fueled the growth of edge data centres, which ensure IT services remain reliable, resilient and available. Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today released new research into data centre availability and why edge computing sites are… Read More

Bottom-up data center power management

With thanks to Server Technology, download this free white paper to learn why rack PDUs with outlet switching & power measurement are a must in the modern data center or get remote monitoring and management from anywhere with switched POPS PDUs. Learn how in our latest White paper.  

Definition of telecom network energy efficiency and its value in network energy management

Improving telecom network energy efficiency (EE) is an important approach to increasing operator profits. The EE indicator can be further divided into telecom equipment efficiency (TEE) and infrastructure energy efficiency (IEE). TEE and IEE management enables telecom operators and tower operators to quantify energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction, because these indicators better suit their… Read More

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