Latest Security Whitepapers

Five reasons the service desk should care about information security

In many organisations there is a separate information security team that deals with all things relating to security. This team is responsible for designing and implementing all the controls needed to protect the organization, and for managing all major security incidents. So why does the service desk need to be involved, and what contribution should… Read More

Identity and Access Management (IAM) without compromise

IT and business executives are tasked with two strategic directives that seem inherently contradictory – they must empower the business and its people to operate at maximum speed while providing, at the same time, the optimum levels of security and risk management. Businesses of all sizes are being constantly challenged to effectively provide secure access… Read More

Data erasure for enterprise SSD – believe it and achieve it

Why should my organization be concerned about erasing SSDs? Considering that by the end of 2016, 40% of hard-drives will be SSDs, and these SSDs cannot be erased using the same overwriting methods as HDDs, the security risks are even greater for IT professionals. Download our Data Erasure for Enterprise SSD to understand the unique… Read More

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