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SD-WAN e-book: A buyer’s guide

Tue 1 May 2018

SD-WAN addresses a relatively new problem. It wasn’t that long ago that corporate networks were clearly separated from the rest of the internet. The recent rise in software-as-a-service offerings like Salesforce and Office 365 has changed that. It is now an expectation that enterprise networks will support multiple types of traffic – that which is within the corporate perimeter, and general internet traffic that supports SaaS offerings that staff rely on to do their jobs.

The indirect route that traffic now takes, thanks to the move to the cloud that many applications have taken, can result in poor performance. This is especially true in Europe, where often cloud services are delivered from other continents.

This is where software-defined networking technology comes in and provides solutions that make the internet look and feel like your own network again.

One of the questions that might be asked when discussing SD-WAN solutions is: aren’t I just moving from one box to the other? In some respects, the answer is yes. Often taking the form of a small virtualised hardware box, SD-WAN solutions can be deployed at low cost across many sites, and are used to run common networking functions, but with added value.

A key difference is that software-defined networking understands what type of traffic is dealing with and in turn how to treat it in the way that will best help it reach its destination.

In short, as businesses find themselves living in an increasingly cloud-based world, but also one where they need to cater for their legacy IT systems, SD-WAN is helping make the network simpler to control from a central point.

This e-book from Interoute, owner and operator of one of Europe’s largest networks, explains in more detail how software-defined networking can solve modern business IT problems, save money and improve performance.

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