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Despite US threats, the Government go ahead with tech tax plans

Companies whose worldwide revenues from digital activities exceed £500 million, with more than £25 million of the revenues from UK users, will fall under the digital services tax. It is expected to bring in an extra £65 million this year.With firms across the Atlantic including Google, Amazon and Facebook set to be the main targets of the tax, US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin has previously warned the US could retaliate with tariffs on UK-made cars. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, he said President Donald Trump would raise the issue personally with Boris Johnson.

Google announces Anthos for Telecom and 5G cloud Strategy

Google has announced Anthos for Telecom, bringing the Anthos cloud application platform to the network edge.

Launched last year, the platform allows IT shops to manage containerised applications seamlessly between their own infrastructure and multiple clouds, whether that’s AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Lawyer backs AWS to partially succeed with JEDI court challenge

A federal judge has weighed in on the ongoing legal battle surrounding the $10bn military cloud contract awarded to Microsoft last October.

In February, AWS launched a legal battle over the decision to award the JEDI contract to its cloud rival, in which it accused President Trump of “well-documented” bias against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and improper interference in the review process.

Mobile networks agree £1bn Shared Rural Network Deal with Government  

The UK’s four largest mobile networks have agreed a deal with the Government to invest in new and existing phone masts to improve coverage in rural areas. The Shared Rural Network (SRN) will see EE, O2, Three and Vodafone work together to end poor mobile phone coverage. The four networks will invest in new and existing phone masts, overseen by a jointly owned company called Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited, which they would all share. The £1 billion deal is set to bring guaranteed coverage to 280,000 premises and 9,942 miles (16,000km) of roads.

Google announces even more cloud regions

Google is stepping up efforts to attract international customers to its cloud platform, announcing four new cloud regions on top of the four it was already planning to launch this year.

The Alphabet subsidiary, which trails Microsoft and Amazon in the public cloud market, revealed plans to open new cloud regions in Delhi, Doha, Melbourne and Toronto, all cities located in countries with existing data centre regions.

O2 announces plans to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2025

The mobile network claims it would be the first mobile network to do so Mobile network O2 has announced plans to reduce its carbon emissions to net-zero by 2025. The company said it will work with its supply chain partners to reduce emissions across its entire business and network over the next five years. O2,… Read More

‘Shadow IoT’ emerging as cloud security threat

83 percent of IoT transactions are happening over unsecured channels A report has warned of a troubling surge in unauthorised IoT devices connected to enterprise networks. US-based cloud security company Zscaler analysed cloud traffic generated by its customers for its latest IoT Traffic report. The company found that “shadow IoT” device traffic is growing rapidly… Read More

Microsoft’s integrated IoT security platform becomes generally available

Azure Sphere, an all-in-one platform to secure IoT devices that Microsoft has been developing for nearly two years, is launching this week in general availability.

Azure Sphere combines a hardware chip, a Linux OS and a cloud security service. The one-time fee effectively covers the price of the chip, with Microsoft bundling licenses, the OS, the security service and free OS updates for the lifetime of the chip in for free.

Microsoft to launch Mexico cloud region

Microsoft has announced a five-year plan to invest $1.1bn into Mexico and establish a cloud region in the country.

The Mexico region will take Microsoft’s global tally to 57, which are located in 22 countries. A cloud region consists of two or more data centres, but Microsoft has not revealed how many facilities it plans to build or where they will be located.

UK user data not at risk from post-Brexit move to the US, Google claims

Google has insisted UK user data will remain safe despite plans to move millions of accounts to the US, where there is weaker oversight. The tech giant said it will shift control of UK data from Google Ireland – where it is under tough EU regulation – to its American parent Google LLC as a result of Brexit. EU-wide GDPR rules which require firms to protect people’s data and privacy are among the strictest in the world, but the US has no equivalent.

Cloud misconfigurations have cost organisations $5 trillion since 2018

Data breaches caused by cloud misconfigurations have cost organisations trillions of dollars and exposed billions of records since 2018, according to a report published by DivvyCloud, a supplier of security and compliance automation for cloud and container environments.

The US-based cloud security company revealed 33.4 billion records were exposed during 2018 and 2019, a rise of 80 percent. In total, these breaches cost organisations $5tn (when the number of records exposed is multiplied by the average cost per lost record, calculated by Ponemon Insitute at $150).

Scientists develop ‘UK weatherproof’ solar technology

Scientists claim to have developed solar power technology that can produce around 20% more energy in cloudy weather, compared to conventional solar cells. Researchers say their co-called “British weatherproof” technology is cheaper, more energy-efficient and more flexible than traditional solar panels – and can convert solar energy to electricity in low light conditions.

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