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The Internet of Things’ impact on data centres

In the final instalment of our mini-series about the hidden impact the Internet of Things has on data centres, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig rounds up some of the slightly unusual uses of interconnected devices you probably aren’t familiar with. Over the last few weeks, we’ve highlighted some of the major areas where ongoing… Read More

Data growth: Will the bubble burst?

With our increasing appetite for data and its subsequent demand for power, Jonas Caino suggests we look for alternative forms of energy to ensure we keep the lights on and the party going. In the late 1500s, Britain was in the grip of a huge energy crisis. The main source of energy to keep the country… Read More

Broadcom data centre chip business bolsters smartphone revenues

In its latest earnings release, Broadcom Inc. showed strong sales in data centre chips, offsetting a sharp drop in demand for parts from a ‘large North American smartphone customer.’ Broadcom reported revenues of approximately $5.05 billion (approx £3.77 billion) for the quarter ending in July, with a margin of error of plus or minus $75 million… Read More

Microsoft plunges data centre into sea off Orkney

Microsoft has lowered a data centre into the sea off the coast of the Orkney Isles to investigate the energy savings involved in underwater data centres. The data centre, dubbed Project Natick, involves placing a cylindrical container, around the size of a shipping container, onto the sea floor. It will be powered by renewable energy… Read More

Facebook liquid cooling system released for harsh climates

Facebook has created a new kind of liquid cooling system for the data centre, using water rather than air to cool facilities, so the company can build data centres in difficult climates. The new evaporative cooling system, StatePoint Liquid Cooling (SPLC), is more efficient than previous indirect cooling systems. It also allows for deployment in… Read More

AWS ‘power event’ disrupts largest U.S. availability zone

On Thursday, a power issue at an AWS data centre in Northern Virginia disrupted services throughout the US-EAST-1 region, the largest in the United States. At 3:13PM, the company Services Dashboard said that it was investigating connectivity issues in the region, and later confirmed that a data centre issue affecting physical servers and networking devices… Read More

Online gaming: what are the data demands?

There are already more than 20 million online gamers in the UK alone. Video games are big business and only going to get even more popular. Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig explains the similarly sizeable impact the games industry is having on data centre and power protection demands. At any time of the day,… Read More

Powering the edge: register for our exclusive roundtable

The edge is one of the most often quoted trends in the data centre industry, and yet one of the least understood. Sign up for this exclusive webinar on the edge, from The Stack and Delta On the face of it, it’s simple – driven by a constantly increasing need for quick access to data stored in a… Read More

Exclusive: NTT planning one of UK’s biggest data centres

Japanese telecom giant NTT Communications is planning two data centres that will span 53,000 sq. metres in the London borough of Dagenham, The Stack has found. The proposed data centres, if built, would become one of the largest sites in the UK. Planning documents suggest it would be ready by late 2019 and employ 108 full-time… Read More

Data & AI: keeping the NHS out of critical care?

With waiting lists growing and resources stretched to breaking point, the prognosis doesn’t look too promising for the nation’s healthcare sector. Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS, outlines how a dose of data and artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be the perfect prescription that helps the NHS tackle the medical needs of… Read More

Interxion makes Marseille next data centre port of call

Interxion has opened its second Marseille data centre as it looks to build a Mediterranean connectivity hub. The first phase of MRS2, the company’s second site in the southern French city, opened today, less than four years after it acquired its first site there. According to the firm, the decision is as a result of… Read More

Kaspersky moves to Switzerland following corruption claims

Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs is moving a significant part of its production and storage to Switzerland after it came under fire for supposed connections to the Russian government. U.S. Homeland Security last year banned all federal agencies from using Kaspersky software after sensitive data was stolen from an NSA employee’s computer. There were accusations… Read More

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