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IBM Z mainframe allows round the clock data protection

IBM has released a new mainframe offering in a bid to boost security and data encryption and lead the fight against enterprise data breaches. The next-gen IBM Z mainframe computer is capable of encrypting the entirety of a company’s data. IBM argues that this development will alleviate the pressure for customers selecting and managing their… Read More

Symantec to acquire Israeli mobile security startup Skycure

U.S. antivirus software giant Symantec has acquired Israeli mobile security firm Skycure in a bid to bolster its Cyber Defense platform for enterprise customers. The predictive threat detection platform, which is specifically designed for mobile devices, will be made available to Symantec Endpoint Protection and Norton Antivirus customers and partners once the deal closes. While… Read More

Apple reportedly testing 3D facial recognition for iPhone 8

Apple is reportedly looking to integrate 3D facial recognition into its new iPhone 8, allowing users to unlock their devices with their faces. For the new iPhone model, set to go on sale later this year, Apple is said to be designing an improved security feature enabled by 3D sensors and iris scanners, letting users… Read More

Liberty to challenge UK Investigatory Powers Act

Liberty, a civil rights activism group from the United Kingdom, has received permission to challenge the Investigatory Powers Act in the High Court. The Investigatory Powers Act, which became a law in November 2016 and enforced shortly after, grants UK intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials unprecedented rights to intercept and review communications and related… Read More

The challenges surrounding patient data sharing

A two-year project called Understanding Patient Data has been launched by the Wellcome Trust to support better conversations with the public about the uses of their health information. ‘Our starting point is that it’s incredibly important to be able to make better use of patient data to deliver better care, improve our health, and services… Read More

Technology giants allowing Russian government access to source code

Western technology companies such as Cisco, IBM and SAP are granting Russian agencies access to proprietary information when requested, ostensibly to ensure that access to the lucrative Russian tech market is not blocked. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and MacAfee have reportedly allowed the Russian government source code reviews of their products as well. However, some companies are… Read More

Cyber security is a critical business risk for the NHS, warns Barclays CSO

Cyber security is a business risk and must be the responsibility of the person at the top of any organisation, says Christopher Greany, Head of Group Investigations at Barclays Chief Security Office. Speaking about the recent cyber attack on the NHS when ransomware led to cancelled operations and diverted ambulances, he warns: ‘If the Chief… Read More

198 million voter records leaked by analysis firm

Security researchers have discovered a massive data security breach that exposed almost 200 million U.S. voter records on the internet. UpGuard, the security firm that discovered the breach, noted that this was by far the largest of its kind to date. A terabyte of completely unsecured data was found stored in the public cloud in an… Read More

TSA trials new biometrics tech to eliminate boarding passes

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is trialling new biometrics technology in place of ID and boarding passes at airports in a bid to speed up the check-in process and increase security. The proof-of-concept fingerprint-based system is being tested over the course of a month at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Denver International Airport. Those… Read More

Multiple severe security flaws discovered in Foscam cameras

Security researchers at F-Secure have discovered multiple security flaws in Foscam-manufactured internet video cameras. These flaws are severe and may result in an attacker gaining access to live video and video files, as well as the local network. Vulnerabilities in the Foscam cameras allow a malicious entity access to private videos that could then be… Read More

Chinese ‘Fireball’ malware infects 250 million

Researchers have discovered a new type of malware that has infected over 250 million computers globally. The malware, dubbed ‘Fireball’, turns web browsers into zombies, manipulated for the purpose of generating advertising revenue. Analysts at CheckPoint Security found the malware had spread to 250 million machines worldwide, infecting 20% of corporate networks. The Fireball malware… Read More

Cisco and IBM partner to tackle cloud security threats

IBM and Cisco have announced a new partnership which will see the two tech giants collaborate to help customers tackle growing cyber threats. By sharing threat intelligence and developing technology integrations, the companies hope to offer support for customers looking to boost their cybersecurity posture. An IBM press release detailed that Cisco would tie its… Read More

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