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Engaging with your people to make InfoSec an enabler

Despite its grounding in all sorts of complex technology, information security is ultimately a human endeavour. That is the argument made by Mark Nicholls, head of information security & governance at one of London’s largest and oldest housing associations, Peabody. Ahead of his panel appearance at Cloud Security Expo, Nicholls discussed the best way to help… Read More

Avoiding an Orwellian future through effective regulation

Eve Salomon, Chair of Privacy International, has spent her career upholding individual rights through regulation and law. Now, in an age of unparalleled technological advancement and the ever-increasing flow of personal data, she is working to protect individuals from both corporations and the government. Here she speaks to The Stack about what the newest waves of… Read More

SK Telecom buys $65M stake in Swiss quantum cryptography company

SK Telecom has announced that it will invest $65 million (approx. £46.5 million) in ID Quantique (IDQ), a leading quantum crypto company based in Switzerland. In exchange, SK Telecom will receive 50% majority shares in IDQ. This investment bolsters 5G network security for SK Telecom, as well as expanding the company’s global portfolio in quantum… Read More

The changing face of identity in the 2020s

As the notions and methods of identity continue to change in the 21st century, Dr Victoria Baines speaks to John Bensalhia ahead of her appearance at Cloud Security Expo 2018 Who are we? Once upon a time, identity was all too simple. From name tags or badges to signatures, that’s all it took to prove your… Read More

Cybercrime and the scale of justice

John Bensalhia interviews Ben Russell, Head of Threat Response of the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, and finds out the work carried out at the NCA and why cyber crimes should be instantly reported Here’s a question: if your house was burgled, what’s the first thing that you would do? The likely answer… Read More

Winter Olympics hit by cyber attack during opening ceremony

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was the target of a cyber attack that downed its website and internet and television services during the Games’ opening ceremony. Officials in charge of the event, which is being held in South Korea and holds political significance for relations between North and South Korea, have refused to reveal the source… Read More

What government agencies tell us about cloud security

In 2013, following what became known as the Snowden Revelations, a survey carried out by the Cloud Security Alliance, a trade body, revealed that some 10% of non-U.S. businesses cancelled plans to use US – based cloud computing service providers.   This result shows a minority were ill-informed of; How the Internet works, What the… Read More

Symantec adds security layer to Azure

Security firm Symantec is working with Microsoft to add an extra layer of security to Azure with the intention of increasing hybrid cloud adoption. Using the existing Symantec Web Security Service product, the two firms will work together on security applications for the public cloud platform. Microsoft is hoping to increase enterprise use of its… Read More

How cybercrime is changing across the world

Joyce Hakmeh, research fellow at Chatham House, comments on the global landscape of cybersecurity ahead of her session at Cloud Security Expo, 2018. In a wide-ranging discussion, she spoke to The Stack about the uphill struggle that law enforcement faces, the impact of trends such as IoT and blockchain on security, and government action against… Read More

Major security flaw found in Oman stock exchange

An ethical hacker discovered a major flaw in the security of Oman’s stock exchange which left it vulnerable to hacking for months. The Muscat Securities Market, which has a market capitalisation of around $23 billion (approx. £16.5 billion), had its username and password set as ‘admin’ on a core router, according to a report by… Read More

Kaspersky discovers powerful Skygofree mobile Trojan

Security researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered an advanced mobile Trojan called Skygofree, which carries a swathe of worrying features. The Trojan, which has so far only breached a small number of devices in Italy, is, according to Kaspersky, ‘overflowing’ with ways to impeach upon the user’s privacy. It has the ability to track the… Read More

Intel CEO addresses Meltdown, announces quantum developments

Intel boss Brian Krzanich took to the stage at CES to address the Meltdown and Spectre news, as well as announcing the firm’s plans for quantum computing. Speaking at the keynote address, Krzanich spoke on a diverse range of topics, but was first compelled to address the elephant in the room. Recent revelations about processor… Read More

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