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44CON Insider: The importance of collaborative efforts in cybersecurity

The Stack’s resident security expert Richard Morrell recently visited squeaky clean Kensington to get his hands dirty with cybersecurity’s frontline troops at 44CON For those who don’t know what 44CON is, the show has grown become one of the cornerstones of the UK security and technology industry. It is truly about the security troops in the… Read More

Singapore boosts investment in deep-tech startups and research

The Singapore government has announced plans to boost investment in technology research in the city-state, through the National Research Foundation (NRF) and state sovereign fund Temasek. The announcement was made by Minister of Finance and deputy chairman of the NRF, Heng Swee Keat, at government-backed technology innovation conference SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology)…. Read More

Equifax data breach leaks 143 million U.S. customers’ personal information

U.S. credit score provider Equifax has suffered a cyber-attack giving hackers access to the personal details of as many as 143 million people. The company revealed that ‘criminals’ exploited a website application vulnerability to gain access to files, between mid-May and July this year. The company discovered the breach on July 29th, meaning they waited… Read More

Cyber attack group with links to Russia attacking western energy sector, says Symantec

The western energy sector is being targeted by a sophisticated attack group with links to Russia, according to a Symantec report. The Californian security giant has pointed to a resurgence in attacks on the energy industry in Europe and North America, which it links to the re-emergence of cyber espionage group Dragonfly. The initial Dragonfly… Read More

Up to six million Instagram accounts affected by data breach

Up to six million Instagram users may have had their email addresses and phone numbers made public following a data breach. What initially appeared to be a hack only affecting celebrities and verified accounts has been shown to have also affected many ordinary users. The breach initially came to prominence when Instagram’s most followed user,… Read More

CeX suffers data breach affecting up to two million customers

Second-hand electronics retailer CeX has been subject to an online security breach, with the attack affecting up to as many as two million customers. The company says they are taking the matter ‘extremely seriously’, and has issued guidelines and advice for customers whose personal data may have been accessed. The guidance states that CeX is contacting… Read More

Cross-industry team disrupts WireX botnet attack

A group of security teams from various companies, some of them competitors, worked together to disrupt a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from the WireX botnet. The attack, discovered on August 17, revealed that the botnet had incorporated devices from over 100 different countries, a peculiar feature for a DDoS attack which is normally far more… Read More

Accuweather found to be sharing location data without users’ permission

Accuweather has been found to be sending location data even when the user has turned off location sharing. The weather app, one of the most popular for iOS, ostensibly collects location data in order to be able to send users localised weather reports and updates. When doing so, it also sends some information to a… Read More

PlayStation suffers social media hack, possible data breach

PlayStation’s official social media accounts have been temporarily exposed, with the gaming company’s Twitter account showing messages from a hacking group who claim responsibility. Screenshots of the tweets, posted on the morning of Monday 21 August, suggest that PlayStation Network databases were leaked, but this has neither been confirmed or denied by Sony. The tweets… Read More

Rackspace announces fully managed privacy and data protection offering

Rackspace has announced the launch of a new privacy and data protection offering aimed at helping businesses identify and protect sensitive data, including intellectual property and customer payment information. According to the company, the new solution follows the UK government’s proposal of a new Data Protection Bill which hopes to pull legislation in line with… Read More

McAfee launches advanced security platform for AWS

Security giant McAfee has announced the launch of a new virtual security platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) which aims to provide advanced protection for businesses operating in the public cloud. The new product, named the Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP), has been designed to secure workloads on AWS against advanced malware which can reach… Read More

Why the security industry is teaming up in the fight against ransomware

The Stack speaks with Raj Samani, chief scientist and fellow at McAfee, and Hatem Naguib, SVP of security at Barracuda, to find out more on the No More Ransom initiative What is the No More Ransom initiative and what trends does it respond to? Raj: The No More Ransom initiative aims to inform the public… Read More

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