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Charity sector commits high number of data breach offences

Charities have committed a high number of data breach offences, with over 140 cases reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) between 2017 and 2018, according to a recent study from corporate investigations firm Kroll. It has been revealed that a 2016 cyber attack on the British and Foreign Bible Society, due to an unrepaired… Read More

Reserve Bank of India to improve security in FY19

An alarming number of cyber fraud crimes have forced the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to seek out more hardened measures to protect against security threats. For the fiscal agenda for 2018-19, RBI has publicised its focus on improving security measures against cyberattacks with the help of detection company Acalvio. Acalvio’s report said: “The ever-increasing threat… Read More

Brand safety: what are the priorities in an ever brand-centric economy

The Stack speaks with Mike Zaneis, CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group and co-founder of the Brand Safety Institute about why brand protection needs to be a key corporate priority. What is the urgency for business leaders to educate themselves around brand safety? Brand safety has become an enterprise risk for most businesses today, yet… Read More

Facebook pulls 650 accounts linked to misinformation campaign

Facebook has announced the removal of more than 650 accounts originating in Iran. These accounts were identified as displaying ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’, and while the campaigns may not have been directly affiliated with one another, they were all similarly targeted as misleading Facebook users about their origination and goals. In an announcement, Facebook indicated that… Read More

Israel pledges $24 million to boost cybersecurity

The government of Israel has announced a $24 million USD program dedicated to supporting cybersecurity initiatives. The Israel Innovation Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the National Cyber Directorate have designed a three-pronged program consisting of investing in startups, supporting larger companies making strides in new security technologies, and supplying… Read More

Fortnite on Android at risk of malware

Fortnite players on Android devices are at risk of downloading malware infections to their phones, security experts have warned. This is due in part to Epic Games’ decision to bypass the Google Play Store and make the game available on their own website. Android devices are more susceptible to malware threats, with one study finding… Read More

Researchers identify new AI-powered malware threat

Researchers at IBM have identified a new class of cyberthreat, that uses artificial intelligence to power malware that is both specific and evasive. While DeepLocker has yet to be seen outside of the research lab, all of the tools used to create it are readily available: existing malware, and AI tools that can be trained… Read More

IBM launches four X-Force Red cybersecurity facilities

IBM Security has launched the X-Force Red Lab network, four cybersecurity facilities focused on testing systems and devices used for IoT, automotive, and automated teller (ATM) machines. X-Force Red, IBM’s internal white-hat hacking team, will use the labs to test for security weaknesses in devices and software both in pre-release and after deployment. The labs… Read More

Symantec releases industry-first email attack solution

Symantec has released Email Threat Isolation, a solution designed to neutralise advanced email attacks, which are still the primary source of malware and scamming in businesses. The service, the company says, can help to protect users against phishing, ransomware, account takeovers and credential theft. Symantec says that this product is the first ‘integrated email security… Read More

Timehop database breached, 21 million users affected

Timehop has suffered a major breach, with its database of 21 million users being affected. Information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers were included. The service, which links users’ social media profiles to the app so they can look through old photos and ‘memories’, had its cloud computing environment breached on 4th July…. Read More

Social media in 2018: moving away from data?

Social media has a pretty bad rap. It takes any opportunity to grab your data, it erodes your privacy, is bad for your health, and is generally agreed to be bad for kids. These negative connotations have become amplified following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and as people more aware of their data rights… Read More

Facebook warned not to play games with UK government

A senior MP has hammered a Facebook exec for ‘playing games’ with the House of Commons, warning that it may use summonses to force Mark Zuckerberg and other senior Facebook figures to testify. Helen Jones, a Labour MP and chairman of the Commons Petitions Committee, told Facebook’s UK public policy manager Karim Palant that the… Read More

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