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From cloud to competition
Cloud offers benefits that can create a great competitive advantage for European businesses. But just how much awareness is there of its value? John Bensalhia finds out from President of EuroCloud Europe, Dr Tobias Höllwarth The technological revolution has arrived. With technology creating opportunities in businesses and everyday lifestyles, it's a trend that is set to... Read the full article

An international lawyer sets out his vision of AI regulation

In recent years there has been a deluge of articles describing, often in apocalyptic terms, the imminent and fundamental changes to the social and political fabric artificial intelligence will bring  Our roads will soon be brimming with autonomous or semiautonomous cars, weaving in seamless formation according to the whims of an algorithm digesting data in… Read the full article

GDPR: Data protection as a collaborative process

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, businesses are eager to align their data protection strategies and do what they can to avoid the hefty fines associated with non-compliance. To be fully enforced from May 2018, the GDPR will mark the biggest ever shake-up in the data protection landscape and organisations, whether… Read the full article

Google creates website explaining its data protection policy

As the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to be implemented in the European Union in May 2018, Google has launched a new website which aims to ensure that its users understand how their data is being collected and stored. According to research, almost 80% of IT professionals in medium and large organisations are not sure… Read the full article

Concerns rise over data flow between UK and EU

The European Commission vice president for the Digital Single Market has criticised what he calls ‘data protectionism’. Andrus Ansip, speaking at an event on European data flow in Estonia, said there is a need to maintain continued data flow between the UK and the EU as the UK begins the process of leaving the European Union…. Read the full article