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IBM creates Watson-powered robot for eldercare assistance

IBM, in partnership with Rice University, has created a robot to assist the elderly and their caregivers. The MERA, or Multi-purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant, uses IBM’s Watson AI to provide assistance to the elderly and monitor vital signs and environmental changes in a non-invasive manner. IBM also announced plans to work with Italian healthcare provider Sole… Read More

Coming soon: New Netflix UI forgets where you were in a video to ‘help’ you

If you’re a Netflix customer, it might surprise you to know that you’re automatically a guinea pig for the streaming giant’s interface experiments. The ‘Test participation’ status of your Netflix account is opt-out, rather than opt-in (and if you do want to opt out, you can do so here). There’s no confirmation regarding how many… Read More

Apple opening development centre in Jakarta

Apple’s latest research and development center, to be located in Jakarta, will have a location and building plans finalized by the end of this year. Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said in an interview that the project is in the last stages of development, and is ready to be finalized by the Industry and Communications… Read More

Privacy advocates call for Digital Economy bill revision

UK privacy advocates and technology experts have voiced concerns over the new data sharing provisions to be included in the Digital Economy Bill, due for third review by the House of Commons on Monday. In a letter published in the Telegraph, 26 leaders of technology and privacy groups indicated that the government’s focus should be… Read More

Microsoft introduces mobile holoportation

With technological advances resulting in a significant decrease in bandwidth requirements, Microsoft has a working prototype of a holoporatation system that can be used in a moving vehicle. Holoportation is a 3D video capture technology that, when combined with a mixed-reality display like a HoloLens or HTC Vive, allows users to be present as a… Read More

Neural network identifies criminals by facial features

A study from Shanghai Jiao Tong University found that a machine could be trained to identify criminals based on their facial features, raising ethical concerns regarding uses of AI. The researchers used 1856 photographs of real people, half of whom were criminals. They found that via supervised machine learning, the system was able to correctly… Read More

New report shows internet freedom declining worldwide

A report issued by an independent watchdog organization shows that internet freedom is on the decline worldwide for the sixth straight year. Researchers at Freedom House conducted a study and, based on their findings, assigned each of 65 countries a Freedom of the Internet (FOTIN) score. The FOTIN score is based on three categories: obstacles to access,… Read More

CAA emails show Amazon drones active since 2015

A newly released chain of emails between the CAA and Amazon reveals that Prime Air drones have been active in the UK for a year longer than previously thought. In response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, the Civil Aviation Authority released email communications between the CAA and Amazon related to drone… Read More

Without women Scottish STEM is going nowhere

Jamie Greene, Digital Economy and Technology Spokesman in the Scottish Parliament, wants to address the confidence divide between girls’ interest in science and their induction into mainstream STEM subjects… As a Member of Scottish Parliament, my constituents often come to me to with the difficulties they still face in accessing the internet. The lack of… Read More

Pixel resellers report their Google accounts blocked

Several customers who attempted resale of Google Pixel phones have reported that all of their Google accounts have been temporarily suspended. This suspension could apparently become permanent, resulting in a loss of all the data associated with these accounts, unless users can successfully appeal Google’s decision. At least 200 accounts have been affected by this… Read More

Disney’s artificial intelligence project pairs objects with sound

Scientists at Disney Research, partnering with ETH Zurich, have designed an artificial intelligence system that can associate an object with the sound it makes. Using a core algorithm based on audio-visual input, then applying iterated clustering to filter out irrelevant noise, the team was able to teach the system to correctly choose appropriate audio when… Read More

FBI signs Twitter surveillance contract

The FBI has signed a contract with Dataminr, a company that sifts through the Twitter newsfeed to identify issues and trends in real time. Dataminr will provide the bureau with an advanced alerting tool with licenses for over 200 users at the agency that  will give the FBI the capability to search the complete Twitter… Read More

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