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NHS is “exciting” cloud and IT environment

10/2/14 – The National Health Service still offers a challenging, stimulating and rewarding environment for IT professionals despite the bungling of some major government projects. That’s according to James Thomas, the ICT Director at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, speaking ahead of his presentation Cloud Expo Europe 2014. He said that the NHS “had been… Read More

New age of industrial big data dawns

Machines are moving into the cloud, heralding the age of Industrial Internet and a massive boost to global productivity. At Cloud Expo Asia 2013, engineering giant GE showed off its “Industrial Strength” big data and analytics platform, called Predix, which, it says, is the first robust enough to manage the data produced by large-scale, industrial… Read More

VMWare’s vCloud Hybrid Service offers on or off premise choice

In February 2014 VMware launched its vCLoud Hybrid Services in London. This European launch has also involved an over subscribed beta testing programme that has been running for several months now. Its participants included organisations such as Betfair and Cancer Research – both of whom are said to be very happy with the results they… Read More

Wonga uses cloud to disrupt financial market

25/2/14 – Wonga’s CIO discusses how the company uses clever IT to innovate and automate to steal a march on slow competitors and deliver a sharper service Regarded by many as just a pay-day loan company, Wonga believes it is a technology-based finance company. And its approach to technology could yet be a catalyst in… Read More

Legal SaaS firm raises funds to target Europe

Cloud based legal practice management software firm Clio has raised $20m to fund acceleration of its product development and expansion plans. Bessemer Venture Partners. which has backed the likes of LinkedIn, Yelp and Skype, led the deal with the SaaS company. It currently operates mainly in north America and will be boosting its head count… Read More

“OpenStack is ready for the enterprise says defiant Barcet

At the Openstack summit in Portland, Oregon in 2013 it was clear that interest in deploying the solution is growing, but most enterprises were still holding back. The people at the front line within these organisations felt this technology’s lack of maturity is impeding its wide scale deployment, and yet they also said that it… Read More

Gartner reveals 10 misconceptions (and lies) about software defined networking

Andrew Lerner, a Garter research director, debunks several myths and misunderstandings about what SDN is (and what it isn’t). Here’s an example: Excerpt (5) Programmatic control does not mean developers “own” the network – Network folks tend to get a little twitchy when they hear that SDN allows “programmatic access to the network”. The typical… Read More

The future of business is digital, says Forrester

Seems an obvious, Marketing-based headline and the article kicks off with the traditional apocalyptic vision (“Your company is likely to face an extinction event in the next 10 years”) but there is an important point in this blog from Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick about the build up of App ecosystems that represent value to their… Read More

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) price war is not necessarily a good thing for users. Here are six reasons to focus on value not price

A Citrix blog its senior director of product marketing of the desktop and applications group that responds to the recent price announcements from Amazon and VMware and assesses that low price does not equate to high value but offers some value of his own with some tips on getting the most from DaaS. Excerpt True,… Read More

How combining Agile techniques and open source thinking can help you exploit new technologies

Creating a convincing business case for new technology can be hard. Here Frederik Bijlsma takes a step by step approach that draws inspiration from the Agile programming and the open source movement to help you keep up with new technology and identify the right projects. Excerpt “• Make thoughtful choices in adopting new technologies –… Read More

Should the CIO become a bridge builder, less involved in technology, more in business?

What’s in a name? HP’s chief technologist on cloud Christian Verstraete muses on the changing role of the chief information (or is that Innovation?) officer. Putting the actual title aside he sets out what he considers to be the six key responsibilities of the people in charge of today’s IT. Excerpt “CIOs need to figure… Read More

SAP to power its cloud computing infrastructure from 100% renewable energy – what about the rest?

OK.  So, we should own up; the cloud is no greener than on premise computing if it is still powered by carbon. But SAP has at least made a commitment that all its cloud infrastructure – or data centres – will be powered from renewable sources. In this blog GreenMonk’s Tom Raftery assesses what the… Read More

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