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Asia 2018 Showreel

The 2018 edition of Data Centre World, Singapore and its co-located events, Cloud Expo Asia, Cloud & Security Expo, Big Data World, Smart IOT Singapore and e-Commerce Expo welcomed record-breaking numbers of decision makers from across the entire IT ecosystem. They attended in their masses for this unique event, and flooded the Marina Bay Sands over an… Read the full article

Ian Moyse on why cloud is just beginning

Ian Moyse, board member at the Cloud Industry Forum and director at cloud telephony provider Natterbox spoke to Techerati about why cloud still has many years of innovation left, and why the IT industry is such an exciting place to be.

Where unified communications is heading in the future

Gary Gould, marketing director at Mitel, spoke about Mitel’s expertise in unified communications and its direction for the future at Cloud Expo Europe. Some businesses find themselves unable to keep up with the changing world in which they operate, and find themselves falling behind. That’s not the case for Mitel. Founded in 1972, the company… Read the full article

Comarch ICT Information and Communications Technology

Comarch ICT – are the services provided by a team of experienced professionals for large international clients based on advanced modern technologies. Portfolio Comarch ICT includes many different solutions such as: data centers, IT outsourcing, network services and others.

The IT revolution what to expect and how to get ready for it

In this interview, The Stack speaks with Ray O’Farrell, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer at VMware, and Richard Munro, CTO of Cloud Services EMEA at VMware, to find out what they think about the digital IT revolution and the evolving role of the CTO and CIO. The experts discuss the main prerequisites for… Read the full article

The next stages of digital transformation

In this discussion, Nigel Williams, IT Evangelist at Commvault, describes what it means to drive digital transformation in the cloud. He talks about the various struggles involved, cloud computing’s position in the digital revolution, backup and recovery challenges and much more.

Getting ready for the extreme innovations in the cloud

In this interview, John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle, discusses the latest innovations in the cloud and how these impact the modern business environment. The expert suggests what cloud will look like in the coming years, the current challenges that we need to overcome, and offers his… Read the full article

Disrupting the mobile industry: Trends and predictions

Scott Cairns, CTO of T-Systems, joins Frank Bennett, Deputy Chairman at the Cloud Industry Forum to discuss digital challenges and opportunities in the telecommunications industry. The interview addresses the potential of AI and machine learning to disrupt the industry, as well as the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Cairns also offers his predictions… Read the full article

Decoding the experiences of a digital transformation guru

In this interview, Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Education for Scotland, shares with The Stack the lessons he has learned from his experiences of digital transformation. Wroath is currently working with the Scottish NHS to transform their disparate and complex IT environment into a single unified system. His team is responsible for defining and delivering the NHS… Read the full article

Top five tips for CIOs implementing a digital strategy
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Five Strategies For Accelerating Cloud Deployment In The Enterprise
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Delivering DevOps in a Legacy World IT Myth or Reality?
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