Latest Data Centre Videos

Geist on data centre power balancing at the cabinet level

Brad Wilson, president of Geist, talks at Data Centre World Asia 2017 about the importance of power balancing starting at the cabinet level, and how this extends to better power balancing across the entire data centre. He also discusses Geist’s custom offerings and the benefits of three-phase power. With three phase power, Wilson argues, data… Read More

Airsys on modular cooling in the data centre

Airsys CEO and chairman Yunshui Chen speaks at Data Centre World Asia 2017 about the company’s aims, while Si Pei, sales director at Airsys distributor Seed System, discusses the experience of working with the company. Pei found that the technical expertise coupled with a supportive environment made working with Airsys productive and enjoyable. Singapore is… Read More

Professional IT services: Comarch Data Center, Network Operations Center

The offer of Comarch ICT supports the operation of companies in the financial and insurance sectors, the oil industry, companies as part of an international chain of retail sales, as well as many other major and minor individuals representing every sector of the market. Our solutions are dedicated to the growing number of industries, acquiring… Read More

Raritan PX™ Series of Intelligent Rack PDUs

See how the PX series of rack PDUs is engineered to reliably and efficiently distribute power to devices in your data center. Improve uptime, save energy, and manage the power in your cabinets remotely.

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