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Network challenges in the modern business

Published Thu 12 Apr 2018

Hear from Mike Rivers, director of enterprise products at Interoute, as he speaks about the challenges faced by enterprise businesses in the modern technology environment.

Every business is having to come to terms with the fact that constant competition means they have to differentiate themselves through digital strategies.

That means they need agile, innovative services. A big part of that is having the network capabilities to do so. According to Rivers, there will be a significant change in the next five years, as customers start to demand more from their service providers.

As these customers realise the importance of flexible and agile services in order to keep their own customers and build new business, they’re also realising that they can do better than the “incumbent telco monopolists.”

This is where Interoute steps in to help businesses. As the owner and operator of one of Europe’s largest backbone networks, and with operations all over eastern and western Europe as well as big expansion plans, Rivers states that Interoute’s strategy is to help customers along their journey to digital differentiation.

With more than 1500 enterprise clients in Europe alone, Interoute offers network capability, IaaS platforms, colocation and communication for modern business requirements.

Modern business operates in a certain way – whether or not traditional businesses like it. For those enterprise businesses which have certain capabilities that can’t be serviced by the cloud, this can present a problem. Unlike cloud-native businesses, the cloud can’t work as a wholesale solution.

With a platform like Interoute, they are able to overcome those barriers through security, compliance and integration that is all software-defined end-to-end.

The Stack in partnership with Interoute.

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