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Password-confusion-leads-to higher costs and increased security risks

Knowledge workers have to remember up to 12 unique passwords for their business applications – a total that has doubled in a year – and this is creating both practical and security issues according to a leading consultant. “It is becoming an issue to remember them – and as users, most people don’t really care… Read More

Online security is a business issue not a technical says expert

Cloud can be secure but companies should compare internal and external IT security before opting for the cloud. This is the message from CapGemini’s information security expert, Lee Newcombe speaking at Cloud Expo Europe 2014. He said cloud computing can be more secure than companies’ internal IT, with the right safeguards in place.  “Does cloud… Read More

Matt Salter on the smarter way to work

From security to lighting, the IP network can be used to host a variety of technologies that can help a data centre – or an office – operate more efficiently and effectively. Matt Salter, delivery director at Redstone, looks at the need for smart buildings and the variety of IP-based technologies that can deliver improved… Read More

Shadow IT undermines IT departments

IT departments can no longer be the people who always say ‘no’ and must get used to saying ‘yes’ said Jared Wray, the chief technology officer for cloud infrastructure provider, CenturyLink Cloud. Speaking at Cloud Expo Europe 2014, he warned that staff will ignore IT and go to the cloud without IT approval. He said… Read More

Who is keeping your data safe… and how?

What makes a good data security guard? Matt Lovell, the chief technology officer of Pulsant, assesses what should be looked for in a third party provider for both physical and cyber security. 16.10.13 – Entrusting mission critical data to a third party is not a decision to be taken lightly, and requires the highest level of… Read More

28 million records exposed through property website security flaw

A privacy flaw enabling open access to millions of property records on the Immobilise UK National Property Register website has been identified and fixed. Security expert, Paul Moore discovered a flaw which allowed access to other peoples’ records. The site makes it possible for users to list and add details about valuables in their homes to… Read More

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