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Google ‘Fred’ and the continuing death of the SERPS middle class

As far as the SERPs community can tell, Google has changed its ranking algorithm again, far ahead of the traditional autumn shake-ups – and the latest revision, dubbed ‘Fred’, is reported to have wreaked havoc on a huge tranche of middling blog and news-style sites, some of which report catastrophic losses in traffic. Fred first… Read More

New traffic-beating car concept uses drones to swoop passengers out of jams

A new twist on the continually burning vapourware topic of flying cars proposes a system whereby drones swoop in to ‘rescue’ passengers trapped in traffic jams, with the human-bearing part of the vehicle disconnecting from a wheeled base unit which simply plods on until it is ready to accommodate another ‘stranded’ passenger. The bizarre concept… Read More

3D printing produces ‘life-saving’ blood vessel networks

A new light-activated 3D printing technique has helped researchers to build ‘lifelike’ blood vessel networks – a major step towards synthetic organ production. Using the new approach, the team from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) was able to print functional networks of artificial blood vessels. In animal trails, the technology was successfully introduced… Read More

Synthesised tooth enamel promises more resilient components

A collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed a new material, based on the structure of tooth enamel, that is set to help create circuitry, motherboards and other computer components which are more durable. Resilience is a critical issue in components in use by the military… Read More

Virgin boss warns industry of pending automation backlash

A senior director for Virgin Australia has warned business leaders that the current rush to automate labour with robots and artificial intelligence is likely to engender ‘pushback’ from an increasingly alienated and disregarded services sector workforce. Virgin Australia chairwoman Elizabeth Bryan, speaking at the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ governance summit in Melbourne, acknowledged that… Read More

Apple patents Roman-style scroll device with flexible OLED screen

Apple has applied for a patent for a new type of device which offers a very old configuration – a scroll. The application describes a mobile device consisting of two cylinders which can be pulled apart to reveal a flexible OLED screen. The document indicates that the two cylinders may be held together by magnets… Read More

Twitter adds ‘hellban’ to anti-abuse measures

Twitter has announced today that it is rolling out a raft of additional measures to counteract abuse of the platform – including a feature whereby the missives of identified abusers would only be visible for a time to themselves and those following them. In YCombinator’s Hacker News community, this is similar to a ‘hellban’ –… Read More

EU Commission proposes rules governing robotics and AI

In a new resolution, members of the European Parliament have proposed EU Commission rules governing robotics and artificial intelligence. The proposed rules will focus on issues of liability, the impact of robots on the workforce, a code of ethical conduct for developers, and the establishment of a European Agency for robotics and artificial intelligence. Liability… Read More

Accenture promises 15,000 new skilled U.S. jobs within three years

Accenture PLC has announced the creation of 15,000 ‘highly skilled’ new jobs in the United States by 2020 – arguably the latest development in a spirit of accession by tech companies to Donald Trump’s protectionist policies. The company, which is incorporated in Ireland and provides technology and operations services, is promising to open ten new… Read More

Research verifies Trump stance on H-1B for U.S. tech workers

Independent research has broadly confirmed that Donald Trump’s contentions over the harm that the United States’ H-1B has done to home-grown tech talent may be justified. The study Understanding the Economic Impact of the H-1B Program on the U.S., led by John Bound at the University of Michigan, estimates that domestically-sourced tech talent would have… Read More

Draft Trump order homes in on foreign tech worker visas

A draft executive order from the President of the United States is promising early action on Donald Trump’s campaign promises to overhaul the controversial state of the H1B (and other) visas granted yearly to technology companies – and which have been accused of facilitating stealthy outsourcing and the loss of jobs for U.S. residents. The… Read More

Unocoin partners with Bitwage to enable bitcoin payroll in India

A new partnership between Indian bitcoin exchange Unocoin, and San Francisco startup Bitwage will allow Indian employees to receive foreign payroll payments in bitcoin. Bitwage specializes in international wage payments, using blockchain technology to make international payroll fast, easy, and less expensive. Now, when an Indian-based contractor or business signs up with Bitwage, a Unocoin… Read More

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